Velux BFX MK06 1000 Underfelt Collar

The Velux BFX 1000 Underfelt Collar offers a strong connection between the roof window and membrane. It helps reduce harsh weather penetration and cold air from entering your property.

It is supplied in one piece ensuring it is easily installed around windows, corners and frames.

Includes a drainage gutter which will lead water away from the top of the window if there is any broken roof material above it.

It will help maintain your property and ensure a professional finish.

Velux BDX MK06 2000F Insulation Collar for Recessed Installations

For the ultimate in insulation, we recommend our BDX Insulation Collar.
It reduces heat loss by eliminating thermal bridges between the window and your roof structure. Also comes with BFX Underfelt Collar.
Technical details

  • Underfelt material: frothed polyethylene, heat transfer group 040.
  • Collar material: polypropylene.
  • Material thickness: 0.5 mm.
  • SD value (water vapour diffusion resistance): 0.03 m.

VELUX GPL MK06 2070 780×1180 White Painted Top Hung Roof Window

  • GPL MK06 2070
  • White painted pine frame
  • Laminated inner pane as standard
  • Top hung opening
  • The white painted finish of the Velux GPL top hung roof window reflects far more light than a traditional darker surface would and can truly transform your home. Constructed from pine, the frame has been painted white and subsequently triple coated with a clear water based lacquer that protects it from dust, debris, and moisture. This water based finish allows the wood to breathe and the beautiful natural grain to show through while the UV resistant paint preserves it.

Diamond GRP wall fillet trim

The GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) wall fillet trim has been manufactured from durable fibre glass and is designed to be applied where flat roof butts against an existing wall. Moreover, this trim creates a 45° angle to deflect rainwater.


  • Made up of high-quality fibre glass
  • Applied where a flat roof butts against an existing wall
  • Creates a 45° angle to deflect rainwater
  • Lightweight & durable
  • Easy to apply
  • UV resistant
  • Crack-resistant
  • Long-lasting
  • Measures 3m in length

TIL-R Classic Hip Support Tray 1.2m

TIL-R Classic Hip Support Tray 1.2m has been designed to support hip tiles along the hip line of the roof, without the need for mixing and carrying mortar to bed down the cut hip tiles saving time and reducing labour costs. Available for delivery across the UK. Buy online now.


Quick and easy to install TIL-R Classic Hip Trays are designed to support hip tiles and give a secure and discreet solution once installed, the carefully thought out shape of the TIL-R classic Hip Tray maximises air flow keeping the moisture out and makes it more manoeuvrable during installation and transport.

Do I need mortar to fix the Hip Trays?
TIL-R Classic Hip Trays are a dry fix product meaning you do not need any mortar to fix them, saving time and reducing labour costs.

Are the TIL-R Classic Hip Trays lightweight?
Coming in at 0.5kg the TIL-R Classic Hip Trays are incredibly lightweight especially when compared to a mortar solution.

How long is the warranty on the Classic Hip Trays?
The TIL-R Classic Hip Support Tray is included in the SIG ONE Warranty, covering your pitched roofing products performance for 15 years.

Length – 1.2m
Weight – 0.5kg
Material – Re-constituted PVC


TIL- R Universal Dry Fix Ridge Roll Kit

TIL-R Universal Dry Fix Ridge Kits are a high quality, great value, mechanically fixed solution which are suitable for most ridge and hip applications. Note Additional components may be required for hips. TIL-R Universal Dry Fix Ridge Kits secure ridge tiles at the roof apex, and are resistant to wind uplift and water penetration and are ventilated to conform to BS 5534:2014 and BS 8612:2018 requirements.

Pack Contents – 6m x Ridge Roll

– 10 x Ridge Batten Brackets

– 13 x Ridge Unions (polyethylene) with 39 Union Clips (polyamide)

– 13 x 100mm Stainless Steel Screws

– 13 x Stainless Steel Clamping Plates

– 13 x A2 Stainless Steel & EPDM Sealing Washers

VELUX EDL Slate Flashing

When installing a VELUX roofing window into man-made or natural slate up to 8mm thick, then the VELUX EDL Slate Flashing is the perfect choice.

  • Flashing for installing VELUX roof window into slate up to 8mm thick
  • Not for use with interlocking slates, you will need EDW flashing
  • For use on roof pitches between 15 º and 90 º

VELUX GGL 2070 White Painted Centre Pivot Roof Windows with Laminated Safety Glazing

The classic VELUX roof window is operated by a convenient top control bar that allows you to open and close the window even with furniture placed underneath it. It also features a ventilation bar so you can air out your room but keep the window closed.

  • White Painted
  • Laminated Safety Glazing
  • Convenient top opening
  • Easy to rotate and clean the outer glass
  • Integrated ventilation behind the control bar
  • Ventilation filter protects against dust and insects


VELUX GGU SK06 Smoke Vent Window SD0L140

Smoke-ventilation roof windows for sloping roofs with integrated motor are CE-marked in compliance with the European standard for smoke and heat exhaust ventilators EN 12101-2.


  • Opens to 85 ° within 60 seconds
  • Comfort ventilation possible at the touch of a button
  • Complete control system for single or groups of windows
  • Suitable for roof pitches 15 – 90 °

SD0L140 – GGU 0070 roof window + flashings for slate up to 8mm thick

SK06 – 114×118