Thermalite Shield Block 100mm

Thermalite Shield Blocks deliver all the typical qualities of Thermalite blocks with excellent thermal performance and moisture resistance. The blocks are versatile and can be used in internal and external walls and foundations. They offer high thermal and sound insulation while also providing a sturdy, durable building material.


  • For use with general purpose masonry
  • dimensions: 440mm x 215mm x 100mm
  • High Thermal Performance
  • For use in cavity walls, partition walls & foundations
  • Compressive Strength: 3.6N/mm²
  • Design: 0.15 W/m.K
  • Dry Density: 600 kg/m³
  • Eight Scratch markings to identify block

Celcon Foundation Block 300mm

Celcon Foundation Blocks enable a quick and reliable construction as only one wall has to be set out and there is no need for wall ties or lean mix fill. Product Specifications. Celcon Foundation Blocks Standard Grade High Strength Grade; Compressive Strength: 3.6N/mm 2: 7.3N/mm 2: Thermal Conductivity: 0.24 W/mK: 0.30 W/mK : Density: 600 kg/m 3: 730 kg/m 3: Product …