Ancon Staifix Housing Tie 250mm Box 250

They Housing Ties are used to join the two leaves of a cavity wall together, allowing the two parts to act as a homogeneous unit. Hidden from view after construction, wall ties play a vital role in ensuring the stability of a building. Type 4 wall tie for use in the external walls of houses and small commercial developments up to 10 metres in height. It is also a Type A tie for internal separating walls of buildings of any height.

Joist Hanger 150mm x 50mm

Joist hangers are used in construction and designed to anchor wooden beams. Primarily in roofs, decking, floors and ceilings for the purpose of creating a strong, long lasting support. When installed correctly a Joist Hanger will preserve the wood joists to which they are attached, as over time the wood will naturally twist and move. A joist hanger will ensure the wood beams keep a true fitting, ensuring long term strength and rigidity.