ACO 1000MM HexDrain High Strength Drainage Channel with Galvanized Steel Grating

High quality polypropylene channel, suitable for pedestrian and vehicle traffic up to 1.5 tonnes
Channels clip together for quick and easy installation
A choice of six gratings are available to suit your decorative requirements
Galvanised steel is used to provide corrosion resistant channels and the recycled content of ACO galvanised steel is approximately 30%. The steel grating is quick and easy to install onto the HexDrain and gives it a contemporary smooth and shiny finish.

Clark-Drain Plastic Channel With Slotted Grate

The next generation of the Clark-Drain CLKS 420 Series drainage system incorporates many unique features. The channel is supplied with male/female sliding connections with additional SpringLock incorporated and a SnapLock grating. These aid the installation, so several lengths can be laid at one time. Corrosion resistant. Available as a garage pack product. Thermoplastic channel with slotted grate. A15 loading 2 x vertical outlets. Suitable for garage thresholds, patios, domestic use.
Height: 105 mm(Internal) -117 mm (External)
Width: 100 mm (Internal) -128 mm (External)