Expamet Edge Bead 3m x 13mm

Expamet 13mm Plasterboard Edging Bead 3000mm manufactured from 0.4mm Galvanised Steel, which reinforces and protects plasterboard edges. Perforated wing provides a key to prevent cracking. Fixing holes to suit a standard plasterboard nail. Provides a clean straight edge protecting and concealing cut plasterboard edges. Can easily be cut to size using tin-snips, hacksaws or aviation cutters. Fixing holes to suit a standard plasterboard nail. Galvanized mild steel product. A1 Fire Class Rating

Simpson Edge Bead 3m x 12.5mm

The Simpsons Plaster Edge Bead provides a neat, protected edge on plasterwork. Galvanised to prevent rust and corrosion. Designed with holes for nails, for ease of installation. Products simply fixed with plaster dabs or nails. Edges, arrises, corners, joints and abutments all easier to form. Designed to minimise potential chipping, cracking and associated damage. Provides reinforcement for plasterboard edges. Suitable for 12.5mm plasterboard