Paslod Galv-Plus Ring Framing Nails For IM350 & IM350+ (1100pk + 1 Fuel Cell)

Paslode GALV-PLUS Framing Nails for Paslode IM350+ gas nailers. Paslode Galv-Plus Nails are compatible with Paslode IM350+ nail guns. These nails come with corrosion resisant plating therefore can be used for not heated indoors or protected outdoors. Galv-Plus nails conform to Eurocode 5 service Class 1 and 2. Paslode recommend them for. floor …

Paslode Bright Smooth 90mm Framing Nails For IM350 (2200 Pack With 2 Gas Cells)

Paslode Bright 90mm Smooth Framing Nails for IM350 (2200pk) These Paslode 90mm smooth framing nails are suitable for use with all versions of the IM350 1st fix framing nailer. The pack includes 2200 nails and 2 gas fuel cells. These Paslode framing nails are for timber to timber fixing and are suitable for indoor use.

Paslode IM200 S16 Staples 25mm

ThePaslode IM200 S16 Staples are a precision fixing manufactured with specific glue which is designed not to fracture into multiple pieces if accidentally dropped. Electro Galvanised StaplesIndoor, Service Class1 13mm crown width – 1.6 x 1.4mm wire. 16 Gauge, medium crown staples. Standard quality staples for medium to heavy duty stapling applications. Comes boxed with staples and fuel cells, to be used with the Paslode Gas stapler IM200 S16

Paslode Hot Dip Galvanised IM350 Collated Nails Pack 3.1 x 90mm 1100Pk

Paslode Handy Packs contain 1100 Nails  Suitable for the following applications: Timber frame construction, joists, floor boarding, noggins, soffits, roof battening, decking, roof decking, flat roofing, panelling, studwork, fencing, shuttering, packaging, cladding, overboarding and many more. Smooth Shank Nail with clipped head and diamond point for use with the Paslode IM350+ Gas Framing Nailer
For use in outdoor applications. Hot Dipped Galvanised coated to a minimum of 55 microns galvanising for heavy duty corrosion protection, complying to Eurocode 5 Service Class 3