Hardwood Plywood Class 3 18mm x 2400mm x 1200mm

This type of plywood is suitable for a range of applications including flooring, beams, roofing, formworks, soffit and fascias. Structural grade hardwood plywood is manufactured using a eucalyptus core with a mixed red hardwood backing veneer to the front face and reverse face of the panel.

class 3 is for Exterior conditions (exposure to weather over substantial periods or continuous exposure to relative high humidity)

18mm 600mm x 1.200mm Cement Bonded Particle Board

Cement bonded particle board is an innovative building material that is durable and flexible and meet the requirements of moisture tolerance and fire resistance. It is manufactured from wood particles and cement and has no asbestos or other hazardous volatiles. The board has smooth grey surface and is available in two basic finishes unsanded (suitable for many decorative finishes) and calibrated (sanded on both sides). The panel is easy to use in external and internal applications due to its flexibility–can be nailed, screwed, drilled, routed, sanded, planed or sawn. It is not subject to weather influences and also provides a level of airborne sound reduction–can be used to comply with the applicable regulations.

Caberdek P5 Tongue and Grooved Moisture Resistant Chipboard Flooring 22mm x 2400mm x 600mm

  • A high density durable panel offering a precision tongued and grooved profile, a floor panel that can be laid quickly and easily
  • The finished face provides an excellent surface for subsequent floor laying operations
  • Moisture resistant P5 grade flooring
  • The panel conforms to the latest European low emission standards ‘E1’
  • Complies with EN13986 governing the use in construction, specifically standard EN 312
  • The panel must be conditioned as per the manufacturers instructions prior to installation
  • BBA Approved

28mm JCW Acoustic Soundboard 28 Plus – Cement Particle based Acoustic Overlay Board

28mm JCW Acoustic Soundboard 28 Plus is an enhanced performance cement particle based acoustic overlay board for timber floors. It is designed for use as a floating overlay floor supported on decking. Soundboard 28 Plus is a durable and hardwearing acoustic decking solution. At just 28mm thick acoustic decking solution minimizes construction height but still complies with statutory building regulations. Soundboard 28 Plus is produced combining an 18mm tongue and grooved cement particle board which is laminated to a 10mm  acoustic resilient layer.

Deckfon Acoustic Chipboard 26T 2400 x 600 x 26mm

DECKfon Acoustic Chipboard is a soundproofing overlay treatment for conversion and refurbishment projects. This chipboard has tongue and groove edging for easy installation on top of a timber sub-deck or timber floor joists. With excellent acoustic properties, it’s designed to increase the soundproofing performance of existing timber floors, and can also be used on concrete floors to reduce impact noise.


  • High-performance soundproofing
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Tongue and groove edge detail
  • Part E compliant

23mm KarmaFloor Acoustic Overlay Floor Chipboard

KarmaFloor Acoustic Overlay Chipboard is designed to reduce impact sound through floors using a heavy material isolated by a softer resilient layer. The board consists of a 5 mm closed cell, cross linked polyethylene resilient layer, laminated to moisture resistant tongue and groove chipboard.

  • new build or refurbishment even concrete sub-floors,
  • new build or refurbishment timber floors