Plained Timber Per M2

Redwood Boards are versatile and for use in external, internal or joinery projects. The boards’ have squared planed edges and are ready to be painted, stained or varnished. Cut from slower grown redwood trees all of our timbers have added strength and durability. Environmentally friendly, our wood is all sourced from sustainable Scandinavian forests.

Firestop Intumescent Fire Door Seal White 20 X 4 X 2.1M

Intumescent fire seals expand in the event of a fire and seals off the gap between the door and the frame, preventing the spread of fire and smoke. This combined fire and smoke seal prevents the spread of smoke prior to the fire seal activating. Features low friction brush pile to aid door closing. For maximum effectiveness, they need to be rebated into either the door frame or the door itself. It is very important to fit the correct size seal, please always check fire door manufacturers instructions. As a guide, only use 15mm seals on new door application and 10mm seals for replacement / retrofitting

Internal Redwood Fire Door Lining FD30 108mm x 2077mm x 1000mm

This sturdy Redwood door lining from will prevent the door from jamming and will also help conceal the surrounding brickwork or timber from sight. This lining will make the overall aesthetic of the door more appealing and will help protect the door from potential damage. An FD30 fire rating means that this door lining will offer 30 minutes of protection against fires, offering you peace of mind.

Caberdek P5 Tongue and Grooved Moisture Resistant Chipboard Flooring 22mm x 2400mm x 600mm

  • A high density durable panel offering a precision tongued and grooved profile, a floor panel that can be laid quickly and easily
  • The finished face provides an excellent surface for subsequent floor laying operations
  • Moisture resistant P5 grade flooring
  • The panel conforms to the latest European low emission standards ‘E1’
  • Complies with EN13986 governing the use in construction, specifically standard EN 312
  • The panel must be conditioned as per the manufacturers instructions prior to installation
  • BBA Approved