Knauf Earthwool Frametherm Roll 35 3 x 380mm x 6000mm x 90mm 6.84m2

Earthwool FrameTherm Rolls are used for the thermal insulation of external walls and warm roofs in timber frame construction and are friction fitted between studs and rafters. Earthwool FrameTherm Rolls are resilient, non-combustible, glass mineral wool products, supplied at 570mm wide to suit common timber stud centres Earthwool FrameTherm Roll 35 has a thermal conductivity of 0.035 W/mK Sized to friction fit between studs at 600mm centres Easy to handle and install with no gaps between adjacent rolls

Paslode Bright Smooth 90mm Framing Nails For IM350 (2200 Pack With 2 Gas Cells)

Paslode Bright 90mm Smooth Framing Nails for IM350 (2200pk) These Paslode 90mm smooth framing nails are suitable for use with all versions of the IM350 1st fix framing nailer. The pack includes 2200 nails and 2 gas fuel cells. These Paslode framing nails are for timber to timber fixing and are suitable for indoor use.